SmartLab Mixes Science And Fun!

SmartLab Mixes Science And Fun!

Today I am going to be singing the praises of Smart Lab who make some of the best science themed sets you can buy in Australia right now.

It started when my sister bought my son the SmartLab Squishy Human Body set for his birthday.  I had heard of SmartLab before, but this was the first time that we had one of their products in our house! The day after his birthday, we decided to give it a try and it was fantastic!

That is why I want to share some thoughts on the SmartLab Squishy Human Body set and some of their other popular sets.

SmartLab are all about the principles of STEM and STEAM learning which ensures that children truly take on board the fun new things and skills they are learning.


Squishy And Gross Action With The Human Body

Boy Discovery Science

The human body is gross and fascinating all at the same time and that is what the SmartLab Squishy Human Body set is all about.

From the brain to the digestive system, this set takes children on an amazing journey and it is not an exaggeration to say that the next generation of doctors in Australia could be kids who grew up with this.

It is all about getting hands on with the human body and the brains, digestive tract, and muscles are all made to be squishy, gross and give children a better idea of what our insides are really like.

While this is fun, children will also be learning. I can tell you from personal experience that my son loved telling us facts about various facts in regards to the human body after playing around with this.

It features many different activities that are like science experiments so that children can truly understand what the human body does.

Best of all, as they are actually taking part in these experiments and not just watching them on YouTube or having a teacher talk “at” them, they are going to take on board what they are learning much more.

This SmartLab Squishy Human Body was a real winner and something my son benefited from greatly.


More Squishy Fun From SmartLab Toy 

Girl Squishing Toy

The human body set is fantastic, but there is more squish biology fun to be had thanks to SmartLab Toys.

I can tell you that for his birthday my son has already asked for the Smart Lab Toys The Amazing Squishy T-Rex which is similar to the Squishy Human Body set, but it looks at a cool t-rex! Just think, Australia has all kinds of awesome dinosaur bones around and this could inspire the next Dr. Alan Grant! Another great “squishy” set is The Amazing Squishy Brain which is like the human body set, but it is all about the wonders and different parts of the brain!


Helping A Child Discover Their Inner Tony Stark!

Children in astronaut costumes, girls hugging boy

It is not just squish biological science themed sets that are part of the SmartLab collection!

The Squishy Human Body set is cool, but if they are more “technically” minded and have an interest in computers, robotics and science then something like the Smart Circuits Games & Gadgets Electronics Lab would be awesome for them.

From making games, an alarm, a light show, and more, this set teaches children how circuits work and this gives them a basic understanding of how all the electronic gadgets that they know and love actually work!


Another great set in the same vein as this Smart Lab Toys You-Build-it Robo Xplorer.

Playing with robots is really cool and fun, but I can tell you that this is something my own son would love (and Santa may bring him if he is lucky!) as it is not just a box with a robot in it.

This set has them actually build the robot! SmartLab teaches children the science behind robotics and gives them an idea of how robots work.

They are going to have a blast putting this robot through its paces and getting it to do all kinds of fun experiments and missions.

Who knows, 20 years from now if there is someone who looks like Iron Man flying over the skies of Australia, it could be a kid who got their start with this set.


Beauty & The Beast!

Bath Bombs

It is not just all gross body parts and robots taking over the world when it comes to SmartLab!

They also have some awesome sets that are themed around health and beauty and this is a lot of fun. Many kids will love using tasty lip balm or having a bath with a bath bomb.

However, with a set like the awesome, Spa Lab Bath Bombs children can make their own set of bath bombs! While that is fun, making the bath bombs, using them, and even giving them to a friend or family member.

SmartLab teaches children who bath bombs are made. They break down how the different ingredients work, how they break down in water, and so on. It is very interesting stuff and it will certainly make kids think each time they throw a bath bomb into the bath.

Another great SmartLab set in the same style as this is the Smart Lab Toys Spa Soaps Forest Friends.

Here in Australia, we use a ton of soap and with this set, children get to make their very own soap. They can learn how soap is made, how it works, how to add various scents to the soap, and so on.

What makes this a really fun set though is that it comes with awesome animal molds so they can make all kinds of cute animal themed soaps.

The Go Natural Complete Lip Balm Lab is a very popular set from SmartLab Toys. While getting to make different flavours of lip balm is great. This set teaches children who to make all natural kip balm and how lip balm actually works!


We have only looked at a few of the fantastic SmartLab Toys that are available today. Smart Lab makes learning fun and because they are fun, kids will be really embracing what they are learning.