Star Wars Tin Chewbacca Wind Ups - By Star Wars

If you are looking for a fun gift for a Star Wars fan or perhaps you want to add something cool to your own collection, check this out. This Star Wars Tin Chewbacca Wind Ups is a ton of fun and a great way to add a little Wookie love to your home. Schilling has made a few of these, but this awesome Chewbacca one is a lot of fun. It is made with tin and it actually works! So, you can wind this up and then have Chewie come to save the day.

Tin is something that has a real old school feel to it and that is what they were going for with this. They wanted it to feel like a toy that was released decades ago. Of course, the job done on the printing of Chewbacca is way better than what could have been done back then, but it does still have some very old school charm. It is also a pretty impressive sight as it stands at around 8 inches tall. If you are looking for a Star Wars collectible that is a little bit strange, but also really awesome you need to buy this then make the jump to hyperspace.



  • Jason Delacey

Captain Phasma Tin Kaleidoscope

As long as the person you are buying this for is not that traitor Finn! This Captain Phasma Tin Kaleidoscope is going to be a gift that is very well received. It is getting really hard to find more unique Star Wars items these days, but this Captain Phasma Tin Kaleidoscope is something that would be a real conversation piece in any Star Wars fans collection. Captain Phasma was a really cool character and even though she did not have a ton of screen time, many Star Wars fans really liked her.

This has her image on it and the fact that it is made of tin does make it that extra bit cooler. This is not some kind of “gimmick” this is actually a fully working kaleidoscope and when you use it, you can see some fun Star Wars images. Sure, this sounds like a really strange gift to purchase for someone. However, it is also something that most Star Wars fans will not have so it is great for a collector to put on a shelf or with their other Captain Phasma stuff



  • Jason Delacey

SmartLab Toys Aftershock! Earthquake Lab

SmartLab has made some really cool educational toys over the years, but this SmartLab Toys Aftershock! Earthquake Lab is one that really will “shake” things up. This is a really fun thing for any child. The idea of this is that your child will build buildings and then set off an earthquake to see the devastating effects. While this is fun and cool, it also will teach them about how earthquakes work and what devastation they can cause on all kinds of buildings.

The SmartLab Toys Aftershock! Earthquake Lab comes with a lot of different pieces so that your child can build all kinds of structures. Ranging from a standard house to a skyscraper. Can they figure out a way to build an earthquake-proof house? Well, that is the aim here. This really is a fantastic purchase and ideal if you want something that is not just about fun but is also going to ensure they are learning as they are having fun.


  • Jason Delacey

SmartLab Toys Achi-TECH Electronic Smart House

Mixing science and engineering the SmartLab Toys Achi-TECH Electronic Smart House is a great way to inspire an inquisitive mind while ensuring there is a lot of fun being had. The idea of the SmartLab Toys Achi-TECH Electronic Smart House is that your child uses all of the parts to make thro own dream home. They can make a large house that requires a moving staircase or a more modest single-story home.

They will learn about circuits with this and they can power the fan, an elevator, and the stairs as well as many other things. Figuring out how to link things to make sure everything works is going to give them a better understanding of circuits. The pieces all plug into each other so the way this works is simple. However, your child will soon learn that they can mix and match all of the pieces to do some pretty cool stuff.


  • Jason Delacey