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Wooden Puzzles..... A Whole Lot of Magical Fun!

While some may think that a wooden puzzle may not be the most exciting gift for a child these days, the fact is there is still a place for this real classic toy in a child’s toy chest. Today we are looking at why kids’ puzzles are something that can not just be fun, but also offer some educational benefits too. There is just something so retro and cool about wooden jigsaw puzzles and that is why we are also going to look at some of the more recent ones to hit the market.

Why A Wooden Puzzle Is A Good Gift Idea

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To start with, wooden puzzles are an all-in-one kind of gift. You do not need to worry about having to buy anything else to go with it! Also, children have a lot of fun, putting each piece into the right place and seeing this image coming to life. While that is fun, puzzles for kids still have a place in a kid’s life these days because they are also great from an educational/developmental point of view.


A wooden puzzle is going to get a child to use their fine motor skills as they rotate each piece into the right space. They have to use their problem-solving skills as they figure out what piece goes where and there is also shape and colour recognition as well.

The Best Wooden Kids Puzzles

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Here we have some of the more recent wooden puzzles Australia has seen. These are fun wooden jigsaw puzzles that kids are going to have a great time with. These are a new series of puzzles that are animal themed which is something kids are really going to think is cool.


One of the most interesting things about this series of wooden kids' jigsaw puzzles is that they do not have your typical “puzzle edge” the puzzle is actually the shape of the animal which makes them that extra bit tricky to put together.


  • Wooden Puzzle Ram: There is something very mystical about this Wooden Puzzle Ram that we have here. It has a very psychedelic kind of colour scheme and is almost mosaic in its design. It is something that is really going to capture a child’s imagination and it is a prime example of why puzzles for kids are such a great gift idea.


  • Wooden Puzzle Monkey: If you know a cheeky monkey, this Wooden Puzzle Monkey is one of the best wooden puzzles for them! What perhaps makes this one of the more attractive puzzles for kids that we are looking at today is that this monkey has a smile on his face so it is more friendly and inviting. Do not forget, while they will be having a lot of fun with this wooden puzzle, they will also be really engaging their mind to try and figure out what piece goes where.


  • Wooden Puzzle Tiger: They will certainly need the eye of the tiger when they are putting together this Wooden Puzzle Tiger. What makes this one of the best wooden puzzles Australia has to offer right now is the fact that a tiger is one of the most beautiful animals on Earth. This one thanks to the funny colours really does pop and provides them with a fun, but also challenging wooden puzzle to put together.