Sculpt 'n Mold 5oz - Green (Box)

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Creative children who love to make things are going to have a great deal of fun with this Play-Doh Sculpt N' Clay pack. This is special Play-Doh as it will not dry out like the classic Play-Doh would end up doing.

Play-Doh has been around for years and kids have had a great time with it. What we have here with Play-Doh Sculpt N' Clay is a new style of Play-Doh. This is just as easy to mould, sculpt and create things with as it has always been. However, there is no drying out here! This means that children can create something awesome like a monster, a car, a pony, or whatever, and then they can have it on display for as long as they want!

This set comes with a great selection of Play-Doh Sculpt N' Clay so that children can get really creative with what they make. There is a fun monster on the box that they could make which would be a great place for them to start, however, a huge part of the fun with Play-Doh is them using their imagination to come up with all kinds of incredible creations.

Suitable for ages 3 and up.

Key Features:

  • This set comes with a great assortment of Play-Doh Sculpt N' Clay
  • This special Play-Doh will not dry out like older Play-Doh could
  • Children can get really creative with this
  • Play-Doh is awesome to play with, sculpt with and create with!
  • Hours and hours of fun can be had with this set