Get Constructive with Construct-It!

Get Constructive with Construct-It!

Since it was first launched, Construct-It has been one of the best building toys on the market. While it may not yet have the brand recognition of Meccano and a Meccano Set may be what most parents think of when it comes to construction toys.

The fact of the matter is that Construct-It is going from strength to strength with multiple sets, and lines, the future really could not look any brighter. Today I wanted to share with you a few of the things that make this such a great line for creative young minds and to also help you understand a little about what Construct-It is really all about.


What Exactly Is Construct-It?

Helmet Instructions ConstructionConstruct-It is a series of construction toys that are all about children having fun and developing key skills. It is not an exaggeration at all to say that children will be learning the basics of engineering with each set. It is very similar to the Meccano series in that children will be using real tools to place each metal piece in the right place.

Each set comes with a set of tools and instructions that are very easy to follow. From cars to planes, to robots to dinosaurs, Construct-It actually has a far more diverse line of sets than you would think when it comes to construction toys, there are not many on the market that can match what Construct-It offers.

The Educational Benefits

Kids Learning STEM Kids Robot Creative LearningThe last thing you want to do is tell a kid that their new building toys are educational! However, Construct-It is a great way for children to develop and work on key skills. Like they would with a Meccano set, children will be learning how to use real tools, think logically, embrace their creativity and learn to follow instructions.

While building what is on the box is very cool. Just like with LEGO and Meccano, children can use the pieces, tools, and their newly learned skills to come up with their own fun and creative designs. It is a lot of fun to watch a child figure out what works and what does not when they are building a new vehicle or structure.

A Set For Everyone

Kids playing together
One of the big advantages Construct-It has over their number one rival Meccano is that these are construction toys that offer an immense number of different things for them to build. For example, you can go from something like the awesome Hurricane Fighter which looks like it just flew through time out of World War II, to a stegosaurus, that is right, you can actually make a metal stegosaurus and kids are going to really love him.

The sets range in ability too, you can get a smaller more basic set such as this Mini-Tanker which only contains 170 pieces, a set like this would be a great introduction to the world of Construct-It. You also get much larger more challenging sets like this incredible Sailing Ship which comes in at over 400 pieces! The variety of sets also means that these are construction toys that are affordable for everyone, no matter their budget.
Sets For Younger Children
Kid playing wooden blocks
One of the areas where a Construct-It set can be better than a Meccano set is by offering sets for younger children. You may not be keen on the idea of your five year old playing with metal pieces, but there is also the Construct-It Flexibles line that is aimed at younger children aged 4 and up.

These sets such as the Tower Crane and the Off-Roader are made with softer pieces and while they still offer the same kind of educational learning you get with the main line, they are more suitable for smaller, softer hands. There really are no better building toys on the market right now for kids aged 4 and up than the Flexibles line from Construct-It, there is nothing from Meccano that can match this!

Pocket Money Sets!

Girl smiling on the couchAnother great series in the Construct-It line and one of the best value construction set toys you will find is the Miniature Constructables series. These are smaller sets, priced at only six bucks! There is a fantastic selection of vehicles such as this cool Tank and they are all more compact in their size, the tank for example only consists of just over 70 pieces.


These sets are still made with the same “industrial feeling” pieces and require real tools (that are in the box) to build them, but they are put out at a smaller more collectible size and a more wallet friendly price point. There is also the fantastic Miniature Constructables Starter Case which comes with three different sets for them to build and it comes in a very cool collectors case.

Hopefully, you have a better idea of what the Construct-It series is all about and understand why there is more to building toys than just a Meccano set! With sets for kids of all ages and parents of all budgets, Construct-It is fast on its way to becoming the number one construction set toys on the market!

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