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Construct-It! Racing Car 125 Piece Kit

If you are looking for a toy that is not just fun but also has educational value and a lot of bang for your buck. The Construct It! Racing Car is perfect.

Construct It! Is great for pushing a kids imagination and as there are 125 pieces in this set, they can come up with some pretty fun new designs for the racing car or they can make whatever pops into their mind!With this set, they can build their very own racing car. The included pieces of metal and the tools make building the racing car not only fun but pretty straightforward too. What is cool about this is that your child will then be able to use the pieces that make up the racing car to make something else.


Construct-It! Mini Tanker 170 Piece Kit

The Construct It! Mini Tanker is a set that all kids would love to get as a gift. With this set, they can use the included tools and instructions to build from scratch the most awesome looking mini tanker around.

Once they have built it they can, of course, have fun driving it around their room and racing it with their other vehicles.The fun though does not stop there! You see a huge part of the appeal of the Construct It! Line is how your child can use the tools and the pieces to make anything that they can imagine. The Mini Tanker has 170 pieces so they will be able to come up with some pretty cool creations.


Construct-It! Cement Truck 150 Piece Kit

You ever noticed how kids seem to love anything that is on a building site? Well with the Construct! It Cement Truck, they can feel like they are part of the building crew.

Speaking of building, what makes this line so great is that before they can play with the cement truck they have to build it. This set has 150 pieces and these pieces will be screwed and put together with the included tools.

This is not only something that they will have a lot of fun with. They will also be learning basic engineering skills and using their problem solving skills as they put the cement truck together. There are plenty of pieces included with this set. This means that once they have had their fun with the cement truck. They can then come up with other cool vehicles, structures and anything their imagination can think up!


Construct-It! Battery Powered Trike 94 Piece Kit

At 94 pieces the Construct It! Battery Powered Trike is a great set for a child who is new to toys like this.

This set comes with all they need to make a trike that can zoom across the floor. Before they can do that though, they have to build the trike and that is just as much fun as playing with it. As well as all of the pieces that are required to make the trike. This set comes with tools that your child can use to screw the pieces together to make sure the trike is road worthy.

Once they are done playing with the trike they can use the pieces and tools to come up with new vehicles! Or they can make whatever they can imagine!


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