Box Set Books For Children

If you want to get a young child or even an older child a cool, fun and thoughtful gift you cannot go wrong with one of our awesome box set books for children. We have worked really hard to make sure we have all the best new characters as well as some of the classics that you would have read when you were a kid. There is just something really cool about  giving a child a book that you read when you were younger.

If you love to read to your child at bedtime then one of the best box set books for children for you would be the fantastic My Big Box of Bedtime Stories. In this collecting, there are an impressive 20 different bedtime stories! Each one has its own charming theme and it is a fun way for you and your child to spend a little quality time together before bed. This is also a really good way to get them interested in books from a young age.

But what if you have older children, who like to read on their own and want something a little edgier? Well, you do not get much edgier than Goosebumps and here at Dave’s Deals, we have the best Goosebumps box set ever, the Goosebumps Movie Box Set! This set features the stories that were the inspiration for the Goosebumps movie (as well as a few others) so it is going to be something that older kids who like a little bit of a scare get a real kick out of.

One thing that many parents and grandparents like to do is go for a box set books for children that they also enjoyed when they were younger. We have some fantastic old school favourites, all of which have been repacked with lovely new covers and are put in a cool box set to make them an extra special gift. The Chronicles of Narnia 7 Book Set features all of the books in the Narnia saga and they come in this fantastic looking case that will look truly awesome on any shelf, they look so good that you might even consider snagging a set for yourself!

While we do have the best selection of book box sets for children and we have just given you a small taste of what is on offer. The reason we feel so passionately about this as a gift for children. Is that right off the bat, you are giving them their own library to enjoy. They can go from book to book and never be without something to read. By the time they are done with one box set, you can have another book waiting for them! The benefits of buying a collection of books all at once are just immense and it is a sure fire way to make a child think reading is exciting.

So please browse our selection and no matter if your child is an infant, a pre-schooler, at school or even a teenager. Our selection of box set books for children will have the perfect set of books for them.