Boxed Book Sets For Children

We know how important it is for a child to develop a love of reading and that is why we take a lot of pride in offering you the best boxed book sets for children. Getting a child a box set of books can be much better than just getting them a random one off book! The reason for this is that first of all it is a much better gift, also it ensures they have a few different books to read. So if they read one book, love it, they then have another book they can dive straight into.

Here at Dave’s Deals, we have books for children of all ages and right now we want to show you some of the more popular sets that we offer. If you want something classic and pretty awesome when it comes to boxed book sets for children, you really do not get much more classic than The Chronicles of Narnia 7 Book Set. In this epic collection, you are giving your child the full Narnia adventures and they come in this really cool looking box that makes it a perfect gift and something your child will display with pride on their shelf.

One of the most epic sets we have is our The Lord of the Rings 7 Book Slipcase Film Tie-In Set. This is mad for children who have seen the Lord Of The Rings movies and are interested in the books. It comes in a really cool box and that is what makes it one of the more popular boxed book sets for children. It features all of the stories from the Lord Of The Rings saga and it is the kind of thing that mum and dad will probably want to read as well. This is something that every kid is going to think is really cool when they opening it up.

We also have things that are perfect for “cooler kids” who may have a hard time getting excited about reading. A great example of this is our Lego Ninjago Masters on Spinjitzu Ultimate Companion. Lego Ninjago is huge right now and with this set, they get some great books giving information about the different characters from the TV show and the Lego sets that you can buy as well. It is a lot of fun and something even a kid who is not super into reading would be interested in.

We also have a whole load of fantastic boxed book sets for younger children as well. Things like Early Learning With Spot, Smurf's My First Library and Thomas & Friends Engine Shed Collection are perfect examples of books that younger children will have a lot of fun with looking at on their own and during story time with mum and dad. Little kids love to get a large collection of books at once and watching them take them from the box and organize them is very cute.

When it comes to buying boxed book sets for children, Dave’s Deals have the best selection for kids of all ages and tastes. So no matter how old your child is, or what they are into, we will have the perfect set of books for them!