Book Box Sets

Here at Dave’s Deals, we have the best of the best when it comes to book box sets. You may be wondering “why would I want to buy a child a box set of books?” well the reason is for a kid this can be a great way to get them excited by books! You see many kids find reading no fun, but when you get them a library of books, especially books about things they are into, they are more likely to get into reading. For those kids who already love to read a good book, they will love getting more to add to their collection.

For those of you looking for something classic, we have plenty of great book box sets that not only your kids will love, but you will love too! We have The Wonderful World of Dr. Seuss box set which contains 20 of the most beloved and crazy stories ever written. We also have the Roald Dahl Collection which features 15 of the best children’s stories of all time. Part of what makes things like these such a great gift idea is how they come in their own little box so it is like they are their own contained library, which is going to make it great for displaying in your kid's room.

For kids who maybe have a bit of a hard time getting excited about reading, we have some great action packed books. We have book box sets based on all kinds of cool things like Marvel and DC superheroes, Star Wars and Transformers. Kids who struggle to find reading cool, are really going to be into reading about characters they love watching in movies, on TV and playing as in video games!

Disney makes some of the most lovely kid's books going and we have a great selection of these, many of which come in a cool box set which makes them extra special gifts. We have the gorgeous, Frozen Adventures Box Set which goes beyond the movie with ten fantastic stories featuring your child favourite Frozen characters. For the younger kids, we have a load of books based on various Disney Junior characters such as Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Sofia The First, The Lion Guard and Sherriff Callie. No matter the age of your child, you can rest assured that here at Dave’s Deals we are going to have a book that is perfect for your child.

Deciding to get a child a book as a gift is a great thing, any time you can make a child excited to read, you deserve a pat on the back. We also think getting as many kids to read as possible is very important and that is why we make sure to have a good selection of the classics as well as modern characters that kids are into now. Book box sets are a fantastic way to give a child in one go, a library of books to pick from. It will make them excited to read and it really is a very thoughtful and fun gift.