Craft for Kids

There’s a profound joy in building something from scratch, especially ones that you can call your own and cherish for the years to come. Be it as simple as creating unique works of art from paper or more complex like sewing a cuddly, little stuffed animal, there is a great sense of accomplishment that follows.

Teach kids the value of hard work, determination and patience with a variety of Do-It-Yourself style activity sets. These Craft for Kids items are all made and packaged by BMS, an established manufacturer and wholesaler of craft kits for children.

Crafts for kidsFor those interested in origami, we have the Amazing Origami Animals, a 40-page step-by-step instruction book illustrating how to fold paper into cool animal shapes. Some of the creatures your kids will be taught to make includes rabbits, dolphins and even dinosaurs! The kit comes with 30 sheets of high-quality origami paper, the only material your child needs to fashion a two-dimensional object into a three-dimensional art form. For little boys and girls who want to go beyond making hand-held models of animals, we have more in store with our Amazing Origami Models instructional book. Offering folded fun for all age groups, it has 48 pages of detailed instruction and 25 sheets of vibrantly colored origami paper. Every chapter showcases different themes, among them Safari, Tranquil Pond, and Stars and Shapes.

Astronomy lovers will delight in studying the solar system with the Create Your Own Planet Mobile. With easy-to-use materials like foam balls, wires, and paint, this craft kit is just the thing to ignite their passion for stars and planets. As it contains small objects, it is only recommended for kids ages five and up.

From mobile, we now go to automobile. Your kids may have a long way to go before they can drive but that doesn’t mean they can’t create their own replicas of their favorite rides. We have a wide array of Make and Paint Your Own vehicles - 4WD, Racing Car, Freight Train, Helicopter, Plane, and a Monster Truck with smashing action.

Fashion designers in the making will definitely get a head start with the Knit Your Own Scarf, Crochet a Hat, Make Your Own Patchwork Cushion sets. Sold separately, these come with colorful materials and accessories they can mix and match. These are the must-have accessories your kids can make just before wintertime. Why buy generic stuff from the store when you can let them do it on their own and have more fun in the process?

For even more tailoring projects, we have the Sew Your Own Gothic Doll, Sew Your Own Fabric Frog, Sew Your Own Fabric Kitty and Make Your Own Sock Zebra kits. Teaching kids to be resourceful and creative, these make use of basic patches of fabric and casual pairs of socks in creating a variety of stuffed toys.

Crafts for kidsThe sewing adventure continues with our Shiny Butterfly Handbag, Make Your Own Bear Bag, and Make Your Own Owl Handbag items. Offering style, functionality and a personal touch, these complete craft kits have everything kids need to tote their favorite things wherever they go. Adornments include everything from sequins to plastic beads and rhinestones. 











Speaking of embellishments, our Sparkle Accessories and Glass Bead Accessories will have pint-size fashionistas squealing in excitement. Each set lets them design eight pieces of jewelry - two necklaces, four bracelets and two pairs of earrings! They will be the envy of everyone in school and an inspiration to other kids to start designing their own jewelry.

Once kids get bitten with the DIY bug, they’ll never stop finding ways to recreate and reimagine everyday objects as well as special items. With our Giant Pipe Cleaner Craft Kit and Paint Your Own Ceramic Vase, they can do just that. Young painting enthusiasts will take pride in designing their own vase, which they can put up in their rooms or in other areas of the house. They can also get crafty with pipe cleaners - shiny ones, bumpy ones, and even thin ones - and repurpose them as decorative crowns or party-ready glasses.