Meccano Alternatives 2 Construct It! Tractor

The Construct It Tractor is the perfect gift for children who have a creative side and who like to work with their hands. The Construct It line is one of our most popular toy lines here at Dave’s Deals and because of how cool it looks, its high quality and the very, very low price (this thing is under ten bucks!) the Construct It Tractor provides hours and hours of fun.

The goal of the Construct It Tractor is to build a really cool little tractor. They will be using pieces of metal, plastic and screws to do this. The set comes with a little screwdriver so they can secure it all together. This is a lot of fun and they will have to think before they start putting it together as things need to go in the right place. This is very educational and it will help teach them to follow instructions, encourage their problem solving skills and teach them basic engineering skills.

Now while at first building the tractor is the goal of this awesome set. As this is classed as a Meccano alternative. The child playing with it can also use their imagination and pretty much build whatever they want. Now this is one of the smaller sets in the Construct It line, but it still comes with a very impressive 132 different pieces. So they can make some great little contraptions which will hopefully spark an interest in this kind of thing and make them want more pieces. This is just so much fun and you will be encouraging their creative side by getting this for them as a gift.

The Construct It line offers hours and hours of fun and it is also a toy line that has educational value as well. If they have tried Lego, tried Meccano and now want something else. Construct It is just perfect and it comes in at under ten bucks so this is an awesome gift and it does not cost you a fortune like Meccano does.