Meccano Alternatives 3 Construct It! Excavator

The Construct It Excavator is going to make any child who receives it very, very happy. It is just ideal for those who have a real creative spark and who like to make things. When it comes to Meccano alternatives, our Construct It line is the very best. This is one incredibly high quality toy that is going to provide a whole lot of fun and it is also very affordable
coming in at $8.95!

Once the package has been opened and all the pieces lined up. The idea of the Construct It Excavator set is to make a really cool looking excavator that is ready to take on any job. There are different metal and plastic pieces that make up the excavator and then will need to be put in place with little screws, which is easy thanks to the little screwdriver that is
included. One of the best things about this is that they will be learning the basics of engineering and will be putting their problem solving skills to the test. So while this is going to be a lot of fun. It also has a lot of educational value as well.

What makes this one of the best Meccano alternatives is that it comes with over 100 different pieces. This means that while the main goal is to build that awesome looking excavator. They have plenty of pieces that they can use to make all kinds of weird and wonderful things. This is one of the very best things about the Construct It line. It will spark
their imagination and get them thinking about making all kinds of fun and interesting contraptions. If you want a gift that is going to make them think while they are having fun then this is just perfect.

Even though this is one of the smaller sets in the Construct It line. It is still one of the best Meccano alternatives out there. It is being sold for a very low price and it will provide them with many hours of fun. Plus this is a toy that also has plenty of educational value as well. So it really does tick all the boxes for a great, but affordable gift.