Meccano Alternatives 4 Construct It! Tanker

This is the biggest set in our Construct It line, The Tanker! This is just such a cool toy and one that is just perfect for little boys and girls who love to be creative. This is the kind of toy that would just make a perfect gift and by buying this for a child you are actually encouraging their creative spark.

The main goal of this Construct Set is to build a large tanker. Now this is one large and very impressive tanker. It is so large that it has two tanks on the back and needs ten wheels in order for it to move. When kids see how cool the tanker looks on the box. They will be very excited to rip that packaging open and start building the tanker. This is built by using little tools. It comes with a small spanner and screwdriver which is fantastic as it is not only a lot of fun, but it also teaches your child basic engineering skills. This is the kind of toy that promotes creative play, encourages problem solving skills and in general it will be something that really does make them think. Best of all they will be having a lot of fun as they do this.

This is one of the biggest Meccano alternatives as it comes with a very impressive, 438 pieces! This means that building the actual tanker is going to be a fun, but challenging process. Also it means that they have a ton of different pieces to play with. So once they have had some fun, building the tanker. Then can then use their imagination to make all
kinds of other things. As this comes with so many wheels they will be able to have fun making all kinds of fun and crazy vehicles. You will have just as much fun as they do as you watch them use their imagination to make different things with all the metal and plastic pieces that this set comes with.

As the largest set in the Construct It line, The Tanker is just ideal as a good birthday or Christmas present. It is very impressive, provides hours of fun, is educational and it can be had for under $25 which is a great deal!