Meccano Alternatives 5 General Page About Alternatives

We want to make sure that when it comes to toys, Dave’s Deals only has the best! Meccano may be a worldwide brand, but with that recognition comes a pretty high price tag. Well do not worry as we have the best Meccano alternatives, The Construct It series! This is just a great series of toy that does wonders when it comes to encouraging creative play and problems solving. And it is can be had for a much lower price than a similarly sized Meccano set!

If you have a child that does have a bit of a creative spark or has a love to toy tools then the Construct It series is the perfect toy for them. This is going to really make them think outside of the box and as the Construct It series of toys comes with little tools like a screw driver and a spanner. They will also be learning some basic engineering skills as well. These kind of Meccano alternatives are just ideal for children who show an interest in building things. These sets come with plastic and metal pieces as well as a whole load of screws to put them all together.

We have made sure to have sets that are ideal for all kinds of children. The biggest set is The Tanker. This is a set that has over 400 pieces and once they have built the tanker. They can then use the skills they have learned to build all kinds of cool things. You will be amazed at how quick they will pick up using a screwdriver and a spanner. If you have a child who has never done this kind of thing before, but you have a feeling it is the kind of thing they would be into. Then there are smaller sets based on a excavator and a tractor. These are much smaller at around 100 pieces, but they offer the same kind of creative play as the larger set. These cost under ten dollars so they are a great way to see if this is the kind of thing your child would be into, without costing you a fortune.

Meccano is a lot of fun, but we know just how expensive Meccano can be and that is why we are offering these fantastic Meccano alternatives. So encourage a child’s creativity by purchasing them a toy that will push the boundaries of their imagination!