Preschool Learning Toys

With our range of preschool learning toys, you are making sure that the children you are looking after not only are going to be having fun, but also that they are learning while they play. Learning through playing is a great way to help a child’s development. We have toys that will help them learn letters, words, colours, animals and also get them to use problem solving skills. We even have toys that will help with their cognitive development.

We make sure to have toys that feature children’s favourite characters and one of the most popular characters is Peppa Pig. The Peppa Pig Wooden Block Wagon is one of our most popular preschool learning toys. This little wagon has wheels and 30 wooden blocks which the kids can stack or play games with. We have a whole range of Peppa Pig toys so be sure to have a good look at them.

Our Thomas & Friends Sorting Box is a fantastic toy as it is not only a lot of fun, but it also encourages the child to think as they need to put the shapes in the right hole. This is great for developing their problem solving skills and it is also a lot of fun. Thomas The Tank Engine is a real classic character who is just as popular today as when he first burst onto the scene!

When it comes to preschool learning toys, Paw Patrol has certainly become one of the most asked about things. We have some awesome Paw Patrol toys that children just love. One of the best is the Paw Patrol Memory Game which features Chase and the rest of the game and provides hours and hours of fun for a very low price. This is great as you can get a few kids to play this together.

We love to see kids having fun and learning why they do and that is why we have made sure to stock toys for children of all ages and that is why we have one of the largest selection of preschool learning toys on the web!