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Planning to surprise your little girl or boy with the best present ever? You've come to the right place as Dave's Deals has scoured high and low for the coolest toys. As one of Australia’s largest online store for children’s merchandise, we strive to bring you the products of the highest quality from some of the world’s biggest names in children’s literature, films and TV programs.

Whether your toddler has requested a stuffed animal as an early Christmas present or you're planning to surprise your third-grader with a congratulatory gift for a job well done at school, Dave’s Deals has got you covered. We’ve got tons of gifts for girls and boys, from stuffed animals to educational toy and even DIY arts and crafts kits. We also sell toys for toddlers especially designed to assist them in their early childhood development.

Once you sign up as a Dave’s Deals Family Member, you get to enjoy a lot of advantages you won’t get anywhere else. You can shop with confidence as we assure you of the lowest retail price-discounts are guaranteed everytime! We also have hassle-free refunds, in case our items don’t meet your or your kids’ expectations. Our team also ensures a quick turnaround for all deliveries.

Toys Peppa Pig Daves DealsAt our company, we carry an extensive range of the most popular categories including Costumes, Construction Toys, Educational Toys, Novelty Toys, Outdoor Toys, Plush Toys and Science Toys. Our brands include The Wiggles, Peppa Pig, Slinky, Thomas and Friends, Ben & Holly’s, Zoob, Paw Patrol, Finding Dory, Blaze and much more! For high-quality, fun and durable children's toys with at an easy-to-navigate site, keep visiting Dave’s Deals. We make finding the coolest toys that children will surely adore easy.

For youngsters who are obsessed with stuffed toys, we have interactive plushies in the form of popular characters. Our Reader Rabbit Animated Plush Toy holds a Peter Rabbit book in its furry little hands. When you press its foot, its mouth and head begins to move as it tell you the Peter Rabbit Story. Make the holiday season even cheerier with this cheeky Farting Santa. Press the button on Santa's hand and be prepared to giggle with all of his farting! Plush Santa entertains all season long! Rockin' around on his bottom as he lets off gas and sings Jingle smells a must have for every household this Christmas. Find other playmates in the talking Mickey Mouse Clubhouse My Friend Mickey and the singing Spongebob Squarepants, Spongebob Starpants. These huggable plushies come with an engaging Play a Sound Book for your little ones.

Toys Zoob Daves DealsScience geeks will have a blast with our selection of Wild Science Toys! Take your pick from the Rocket Racer Workshop, Rocket Ball Launch Lab, Bath Bomb Studio, Crystal Growing Studio, Crystal Geode Factory, and a lot of other experiments your little Einsteins and Newtons can try! For even more experimentation, this time with construction blocks, we have a bunch of ZOOB merchandise to suit various skill levels. Choose from our ZOOB 250-Piece Bucket, 50-Piece Fastback Monster Trucks, 75-Piece Box and 60-Piece Creepy Glow Creatures, among many others.