Alex Rider: The Graphic Novel Collection

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Immerse yourself in the action-packed world of Alex Rider with this captivating boxset, featuring the striking graphic novel adaptations of the first six stories from Anthony Horowitz's acclaimed series.

Experience Alex Rider's thrilling journey as he is unexpectedly recruited into MI6 and thrust into a dangerous world of espionage and intrigue. Follow him through heart-pounding adventures, from facing off against the sinister Herod Sayle, to a daring space mission to neutralize the evil Nikolai Drevin's orbital weapon, Ark Angel. Armed with only his sharp wit and a cache of cutting-edge gadgets, Alex travels the globe, confronting spine-chilling villains and uncovering vast conspiracies.

This must-have slipcase includes the graphic novel adaptations of the following six gripping stories:

Stormbreaker: Join Alex on his debut mission as a teenage spy, as he races to thwart a madman's plot to unleash a deadly weapon on the world.

Point Blanc: Alex infiltrates an elite academy for troubled teens, uncovering a sinister plot that goes far beyond anything he imagined.

Skeleton Key: Dive into a dangerous mission in Cuba, where Alex must face ruthless criminals and a deadly secret.

Eagle Strike: Follow Alex as he crosses paths with a vengeful criminal mastermind, who will stop at nothing to bring him down.

Scorpia: Discover the dark secrets of a powerful criminal organization as Alex faces his most perilous challenge yet.

Ark Angel: Brace yourself for a thrilling space adventure, where Alex battles a diabolical villain with Earth's fate hanging in the balance.

With stunning illustrations and gripping storytelling, this boxset is a visual feast that captures the heart-pounding action and suspense of the Alex Rider series. Whether you're a long-time fan or a newcomer to the world of Alex Rider, this collection promises hours of entertainment and an immersive reading experience.

Delve into the world of international espionage and high-stakes adventure with the Alex Rider Graphic Novel Boxset, and join Alex on his daring missions to save the world from impending danger!