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Immerse yourself in the uproarious world of mischief and laughter with the "Beano" book set, featuring three hilarious and imaginative tales by the talented Nigel Auchterlounie. This collection takes readers on a whirlwind adventure alongside the mischievous and iconic character, Dennis the Menace, as he embarks on a series of uproarious escapades.

In "Beano: Dennis & the Chamber of Mischief," readers are introduced to Dennis in a brand-new and comically chaotic tale. Join him as he concocts ingenious schemes to outwit the adults and bring uproarious chaos to Beanotown, all while sporting his trademark red and black striped sweater.

"Beano: Dennis in Jurassic Bark" whisks readers away on a prehistoric adventure with Dennis and his trusty canine companion, Gnasher. When Dennis and Gnasher discover a time-traveling machine, they inadvertently find themselves face to face with dinosaurs in a mishap-filled journey that's equal parts hilarious and thrilling.

"Beano: Dennis in Star Paws - The Rise of Minnie" catapults readers into an interstellar escapade with Dennis and his four-legged friend. As they venture into the cosmos, they encounter extraterrestrial creatures, intergalactic pranks, and side-splitting hilarity, all while bringing their signature brand of mischief to new frontiers.

Nigel Auchterlounie's vibrant storytelling and witty humor shine in this "Beano" book set, capturing the essence of the beloved characters while introducing fresh and side-splitting adventures. Whether you're a fan of Dennis and Gnasher or new to their world of antics, this collection promises a laugh-out-loud journey that captures the irrepressible spirit of mischief that has charmed generations of readers. Get ready to dive into these riotous tales that celebrate the power of imagination and the joy of a good laugh.