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Behaviour Matters Collection 4

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Delve into the vibrant world of character education and social skills with the "Behaviour Matters" book set, thoughtfully written by Sue Graves and illustrated by Trevor Dunton. This comprehensive collection of stories nurtures young readers' emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills, helping them navigate the complex landscape of emotions, behaviors, and social interactions.

In "Behaviour Matters: Cheetah Learns to Play Nicely," young readers are introduced to the importance of respectful and considerate play, fostering an understanding of the value of cooperation and kindness.

"Croc Needs to Wait" teaches the significance of patience and self-control, guiding readers through scenarios where waiting is an essential skill for positive outcomes.

"Elephant Learns to Share" explores the concept of sharing, encouraging children to embrace generosity and the joys of sharing with others.

"Flamingo is Brave" imparts the notion of courage, inspiring readers to overcome their fears and face challenges with confidence.

The "Behaviour Matters" series covers a wide range of emotions and situations, including frustration ("Gecko is Frustrated"), feeling left out ("Giraffe Is Left Out"), owning up to mistakes ("Hippo Owns Up"), making good choices ("Koala Makes the Right Choice"), dealing with disappointment ("Lemur Feels Let Down"), managing worry ("Lion's in a Flap"), being attentive ("Monkey Needs to Listen"), handling jealousy ("Panda Feels Jealous"), practicing politeness ("Rhino Learns to be Polite"), channeling energy positively ("Sloth Gets Busy"), managing anger ("Tiger Has a Tantrum"), embracing one's individuality ("Turtle Comes out of Her Shell"), and considering others' feelings ("Wolf Thinks of Others").

Throughout the "Behaviour Matters" series, Sue Graves skillfully addresses diverse emotions and behaviors, creating relatable and instructive narratives for young readers. Trevor Dunton's vibrant illustrations further enhance the stories' impact, making them engaging and visually appealing.

The "Behaviour Matters" book set is an invaluable resource for parents, educators, and caregivers aiming to support children's social and emotional development. These stories offer meaningful lessons in an accessible and relatable format, fostering emotional intelligence and positive behavior as young readers embark on their journey of personal growth and interpersonal understanding.