Blippi Textured Painting Kit

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Painting is something all kids enjoy. With this awesome Blippi Textured Painting Kit children can go beyond the normal world of painting and paint with some fun and rather unique tools!

Painting is something that all children love to do and as this set is endorsed by Blippi, kids will love it even more. While most kids will use basic brushes or even their fingers. The minds at Creative Kids along with Blippi have come up with some fun ways for kids to paint in a more unique kind of way. This set comes with some fun painting accessories. There is a foam roller, a textured brush, 2 sponges, 10 sheets of paper, three different tubes of paint, and a handy painting tray.

What is fun about this set is that not only does it have the Blippi fun factor. It also encourages a child to really embrace their creative side and think outside of the box. It shows them that there is more to art and creating pictures than a basic paintbrush. Any child who enjoys painting is going to love using the roller, the textured painting equipment that can give their works of art a whole new kind of personality!

Suitable for ages 3 and up.

Key Features:

  • This set will help children embrace their creative side
  • The set is endorsed by kid favorite, Blippi!
  • Plenty of fun textured painting utensils for children to use
  • Includes three different colors of paint so it is ready for action out of the box
  • 10 sheets of paper are included