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Off Roader

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Introducing the thrilling Construct IT Off Roader - the ultimate off-road vehicle that defies the need for smooth roads! Get ready to unleash the coolest four-wheel drive ever created with this exceptional Construct IT Off Roader set. Designed to offer fun-based learning, the Construct IT range is deeply rooted in STEM principles, making it one of the most enjoyable construction sets available today. It's no wonder that Construct IT is rapidly gaining popularity among young builders.

Crafted with high-grade materials, including nickel-plated alloy, the Construct IT Off Roader exudes an authentic look and feel while ensuring remarkable durability. Unlike other sets, these pieces are not simply snapped together; they are assembled using real tools provided in the kit. This hands-on construction experience adds an extra layer of excitement for budding engineers. Moreover, as they follow the straightforward instructions, they acquire basic engineering skills, making learning an enjoyable part of the process.

Featuring 110 high-quality pieces, the Construct IT Off Roader presents a fair challenge and serves as an ideal starter set for those venturing into the Construct IT range. What's more, young builders can utilize their newfound engineering skills to create their own cool and imaginative vehicles using the 110 pieces provided.

?Key Features:

  • 110 high-quality pieces for a rewarding building experience.
  • Easy-to-understand and follow instructions for seamless construction.
  • Bring to life an ultra-cool, high-speed off-road companion.
  • Utilize real tools for an authentic construction experience.
  • An excellent choice for a starter set, igniting a passion for construction.


Embark on an exciting journey of building and discovery with the Construct IT Off Roader. Unleash your creativity, develop essential engineering skills, and experience the joy of constructing your very own off-road masterpiece!