Convergence Flashpoint TP Book Two

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The past and present of every alternate DC Universe collide here in literally the biggest story in DC Comics history! Featuring the most popular characters from the past decade and a half, this CONVERGENCE tie-in title features heroes and villains from titles including THE FLASH, HARLEY QUINN and BATMAN AND ROBIN, as they battle in an arena-style event that will send shockwaves around all corners of the DC Universe. This CONVERGENCE tie-in book will settle dangling plot strings from some of the most popular DC Comics titles ended by the FLASHPOINT crossover, including the final fates of the Flash's young family and the grown up Teen Titans, as well as feature work from creators such as Ron Marz, Tony Bedard, Phil Winslade and Denys Cowan! Collects CONVERGENCE: THE ATOM #1-2, CONVERGENCE: SPEED FORCE #1-2, CONVERGENCE: TITANS #1-2, CONVERGENCE: BATMAN AND ROBIN #1-2 and CONVERGENCE: HARLEY QUINN #1-2.