The David Baddiel Collection

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Embark on a side-splitting journey filled with laughter and excitement with the David Baddiel: 4 Book Collection!

Unleashed by acclaimed children's author David Baddiel. This delightful collection is brimming with whimsical adventures, mischievous antics, and unforgettable characters. Join in the uproariously funny escapades as you explore what it truly means to be an animal or witness the uproar when the sternest head teacher switches bodies with the most mischievous student in school. With David Baddiel's wit and imagination, these stories will leave you chuckling and pondering profound questions.

The collection includes four captivating titles: AniMalcolm, The Person Controller, Head Kid, and The Parent Agency. In AniMalcolm, discover the uproarious life of Malcolm, who suddenly finds himself transformed into an animal. The Person Controller explores the magical consequences when two siblings gain the power to control everything around them. Head Kid invites you to witness the hilarious chaos that ensues when a strict head teacher swaps places with the naughtiest student. Finally, The Parent Agency takes you on an extraordinary journey where children can choose their ideal parents!

David Baddiel's masterful storytelling will keep readers of all ages entertained and captivated. With his clever wit and engaging narratives, he crafts tales that will have you laughing out loud while pondering the deeper meanings within. This collection is a must-have for fans of hilarious adventures, magical twists, and mischief galore.

Whether you're seeking a captivating read, a barrel of laughs, or a journey into the extraordinary, the David Baddiel: 4 Book Collection is a perfect choice. Dive into this hilarious and action-packed world, brought together in this wonderful collection that will leave you wanting more.