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Computer Coding For Kids

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This is a simple visual guide to get kids computer coding in no time. Computer coding and programming are firmly back on the agenda as key skills for children to start learning and Computer Coding for Kids is here to help. This is a unique step-by-step guide, perfect if you are interested in computer programming and how computers work. It's no longer enough to just know how to use computer programs, you need to know how a computer really works. Avoiding computer jargon, this book guides you through creating computer programs starting with the very basics.

Using simple, clear examples that show you how programming works, Computer Coding for Kids will get you programming in no time. With step-by-step explanations that make the complex art of programming clear, this is the only children focused programming book that teaches the basics of JavaScript, Python and C++. It also builds to more advanced projects where children can begin to build their own games, apps, 3D models, animations and websites. Computer Coding for Kids is ideal whether you are looking to take your first steps into programming or are already interested and hungry to learn more.