The Emily Eyefinger Collection

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Embark on a thrilling journey with the extraordinary Emily Eyefinger series in this captivating box set, perfect for young readers who crave mystery and adventure. Written by Duncan Bell and beautifully illustrated by Craig Smith, these imaginative tales will capture children's hearts and keep them eagerly flipping through the pages.

Join Emily Eyefinger, a remarkable girl born with an extra eye on her finger, as she uses her unique ability to unravel intriguing mysteries and solve puzzling cases in her town. With each story, Emily takes readers on a fun-filled escapade where her extraordinary eye becomes her greatest asset. From her daring adventures as a secret agent to uncovering lost treasures, encountering ghost ships, exploring a city in the sky, and unraveling secrets from the sea, Emily's escapades are filled with excitement and surprises.

This enchanting box set features beloved Emily Eyefinger stories, including Emily Eyefinger: Secret Agent, Emily Eyefinger and the Lost Treasure, Emily Eyefinger and the Devil Bones, Emily Eyefinger and the Ghost Ship, Emily Eyefinger and the City in the Sky, and Emily Eyefinger and the Secret from the Sea. Each book stands on its own, offering a self-contained adventure that will leave children eagerly anticipating the next installment.

Packaged in a stylish collector's box adorned with captivating artwork, this set is a treasure trove for young readers. The engaging stories and imaginative illustrations will ignite children's imaginations and foster a love for reading. With Emily Eyefinger as their companion, children will be inspired to embrace curiosity, bravery, and problem-solving skills.

Delve into the world of Emily Eyefinger and experience the joy of following her thrilling adventures. This box set is not only a gateway to exciting storytelling but also a valuable keepsake that will be cherished by young readers for years to come. Get ready to immerse yourself in the captivating world of Emily Eyefinger, where mystery, adventure, and imagination await!