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Behaviour and Emotions

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Introducing "Behaviour Counts: Kids Behaviour & Emotion Matters" - a captivating 20-book box set thoughtfully crafted to foster emotional understanding and reading skills in young children. Explore Emotions Through Engaging Stories: Dive into this delightful series designed to empower children to comprehend and manage their emotions while embarking on a reading journey. Each book is a delightful exploration of a unique emotion, delivering relatable narratives that resonate with young readers.

Supportive Guidance for Adults: Equipped with insightful notes for parents and educators, this series ensures meaningful discussions around the stories, aiding children's emotional development and reading comprehension.

Discover a Wide Array of Topics: This comprehensive set includes a diverse range of titles, each addressing a specific emotion and teaching valuable life lessons:

"Lion's Temper Tantrum and the Road to Calmness"

"Monkey's Impatience and the Gift of Patience"

"Rhino's Timidity Blossoms into Confidence"

"Hippo's Choice: From Indecision to Wise Decisions"

"Crocodile's Transformation: From Lethargy to Activity"

"Flamingo's Evolution: From Meanness to Kindness"

"Elephant's Etiquette Journey: From Rudeness to Politeness"

"Turtle's Sharing Lesson: Overcoming Selfishness"

"Parrot's Transition: From Inattentiveness to Focus"

"Koala's Truth Quest: The Path to Honesty"

"Antelope's Resilience: Rising Above Disappointment"

"Bear's Anxiety Transformation: Embracing Calmness"

"Cheetah's Orderly Shift: From Messiness to Tidiness"

"Giraffe's Persistence Tale: Embracing Effort"

"Gorilla's Courageous Leap: Overcoming Fear"

"Panther's Triumph: Conquering Jealousy"

"Peacock's Serenity Quest: Navigating Excitement"

"Tiger's Empathy Journey: From Unkindness to Care"

"Wolf's Redemption: Learning Fair Play"

"Zebra's Evolution: From Bullying to Kindness"

A Toolkit for Emotional Growth: This captivating series doesn't just cultivate a love for reading; it nurtures emotional intelligence, resilience, and positive behavior in young minds. Through relatable characters and relatable scenarios, children learn essential life skills, from managing anger to embracing empathy.

A Thoughtful Gift for Growing Hearts and Minds: "Behaviour Counts: Kids Behaviour & Emotion Matters" is more than a book set; it's a transformative learning experience that nurtures emotional well-being and empowers children to be their best selves. Ideal for educators, parents, and anyone passionate about fostering emotional growth and literacy skills in the next generation.