Pop Up Scratch It Unicorn & Dragon

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From the minds at Creative Kids comes this wonderful, cute and creative Pop Up Scratch It Unicorn & Dragon set. With this set, children can have fun as they bring to life a cute unicorn and a happy fire breathing dragon.

Scratch art is a rather different way for a child to flex those creative muscles. This set comes with a unicorn and a dragon and it is up to your child how they will look. They will use the included child safe scratching tool to put fun and cool designs on the unicorn and dragon. They can make them just like they are on the front of the box or they can use their own imagination and come up with something they think is cool!

Also included are a whole bunch of stickers! Some of these are foam stickers which help bring these magical creatures to life even more! They even come with some cardboard feet so that once your child is done making them, they can display them with pride in their room. The Pop Up Scratch It Unicorn & Dragon from Creative Kids is the perfect low cost gift idea for a child who is creative and loves such things as dragons, unicorns, and fantasy worlds!

Suitable for ages 5 and up.

Key Features:

  • This set allows children to make a unicorn and a dragon
  • Scratch art is a fun, but different way of creating art
  • This comes with a child-safe scratching tool
  • It features a whole bunch of fun stickers they can use to make them!
  • This is a very affordable way for a child to have some arts and crafts fun