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Secret Kingdom Complete Series Two

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Introducing the enchanting Secret Kingdom Series 2 Collection - a captivating set of six delightful books that will transport young readers to a magical realm filled with adventure, friendship, and wonder!

In "Bubble Volcano," join best friends Ellie, Summer, and Jasmine as they embark on a thrilling quest to save the Secret Kingdom from erupting bubbles. Will they find a way to restore harmony before it's too late?

Indulge your sweet tooth in "Sugarsweet Bakery" as the trio encounters a delectable world of treats and pastries. Together, they must uncover the secret recipe to stop an evil spell that threatens to turn everything sugary sour.

Prepare to be amazed in "Dream Dale," where the girls stumble upon a fantastical land where dreams come to life. But can they navigate its mysterious challenges and protect the dreams of the Secret Kingdom?

Dive into the shimmering waters of "Lily-Pad Lake" and discover a hidden aquatic paradise. As the girls encounter magical creatures and face unexpected obstacles, they must work together to safeguard the lake's secrets.

In the enchanting "Fairytale Forest," our brave heroines must unravel the mysteries of an ancient woodland. With talking animals, mythical beings, and an imminent disaster, they must rely on their wits and bravery to save the day.

Finally, prepare for a thrilling adventure in the "Midnight Maze." As darkness falls over the Secret Kingdom, Ellie, Summer, and Jasmine find themselves trapped in a labyrinth of secrets and danger. Can they solve the maze's riddles and find their way out?

The Secret Kingdom Series 2 Collection is a treasure trove of imagination, packed with vivid descriptions, charming characters, and page-turning plots. Perfect for young readers aged 7 and above, this beautifully illustrated set will ignite their love for reading and transport them to a world where anything is possible.

Join Ellie, Summer, and Jasmine as they unlock the magic of the Secret Kingdom and embark on a journey that will capture the hearts and imaginations of readers everywhere. Get ready to immerse yourself in this extraordinary collection and experience the wonder of the Secret Kingdom Series 2!