Taylor & Rose Secret Agents Collection

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Embark on a thrilling espionage journey with the Taylor & Rose Secret Agents Series. This captivating collection brings together three heart-pounding adventures that will transport readers to the captivating world of spies and secrets.

In "Peril in Paris," set in 1911, the fearless detectives' Miss Sophie Taylor and Miss Lilian Rose find themselves on a mission for the enigmatic Secret Service Bureau. As they leave the familiar streets of London behind and venture into the dazzling boulevards and grand hotels of Paris, danger lurks beneath the city's bright lights. Intrigue and murder await, and our heroines must put their spy skills to the test to face the perils that lie ahead.

In "Spies in St. Petersburg," with Sophie missing and their last mission in Paris still fresh in their minds, Lil takes it upon herself to find her partner. On a new assignment for the Secret Service Bureau, Lil travels to the misty and mysterious city of St. Petersburg. As they navigate the treacherous landscape, they must uncover the identity of their true enemy and question their trust in the Bureau. The time has come for Sophie and Lil to push their spy skills to the limit.

In "Villains in Venice," the courageous duo, Sophie Taylor and Lillian Rose, continue their incredible adventures as secret agents. Fresh from their mission in St. Petersburg, they uncover a startling truth a double agent is operating within the Secret Service Bureau. While Lil investigates a dangerous lead in London, Sophie sets out on a new mission to Venice, following a twisted trail that unravels long-buried secrets. However, lurking in the city's piazzas, canals, and crumbling palaces are villains ready to strike, and an old enemy lies in wait in the shadows.

Join Sophie and Lil as they navigate a world of espionage, suspense, and hidden dangers. With each turn of the page, readers will be captivated by the gripping storylines, atmospheric settings, and the indomitable spirit of these two remarkable heroines. Packed with twists and turns, the Taylor & Rose Secret Agents Series will keep readers on the edge of their seats until the very end.