Two Old Geezers Tell You About Bridge

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What is a geezer? According to that great expert on language, Eric Partridge, it used to be a disparaging term for old women. 

Ah, but come the 20th century, the men took over. 

So it became a useful description for old buffers, old codgers, old coots, and venerable galahs. 

Dunstan and Hook first saw daylight in the 1920s, so they are well fitted for the role of venerable galahs and like top politicians they can turn their skills to any subject without having to know to know too much about it. 

The game of bridge is superbly geezer-worthy. It is true some top bridge players are young, but bridge clubs are like bowling clubs. 

Look around and unquestionably such clubs are pure geezerdom. Bridge is like red wine. It improves with age and like wine it attends to be addictive. 

Keith Dunstan and Geoff Hook present a guide to Bridge, from A to Z complete with brilliant cartoons. A must have book or gift for the Bridge player and lover.