Two Old Geezers Tell You About Cycling, the A-Z, by by Keith Dunstan and Geoff Hook

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What is a geezer? 

According to that great expert on language, Eric Partridge, it used to be a disparaging term for old women. 

Ah, but come the 20th century, the men took over. 

So it became a useful description for old buffers, old codgers, old coots, and venerable galahs. 

Dunstan and Hook first saw daylight in the 1920s, so they are well fitted for the role of venerable galahs and like top politicians they can turn their skills to any subject without having to know to know too much about it. 

  • The Old Geezers are thoroughly saddle worn. They have done more than 100,000 kilometres on two wheels. 
  • They have cycled in Europe, cycled across America, plugged their way though rain and wind from Melbourne to Sydney and camped in more unfortunate places than they care to describe. 
  • The Dunstan geezer has even mixed it with 100 million bicyclists in China. 
  • The world has seen two amazing bicycle booms. The first was in the 1880s, when it was absolutely the thing. 
  • The second boom took off in the 1970s, at first with very little show more