48 Piece Jumbo Floor Puzzle Underwater Shipwreck

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It is true what they say, jigsaw puzzles are better down where it is wetter! Puzzle Master has been wowing kids all over the world with this latest series of fun cartoon-style jigsaw puzzles. Each one consists of 48 jumbo pieces which are perfect for smaller hands that may find regular-sized jigsaw puzzle pieces too small and awkward. Also, these puzzle pieces are made to last thanks to the thick and strong carding that each one is made of. Then we have the image, which thanks to the high-quality printing really does pop and look bright and colourful which will help stimulate them to want to complete this jigsaw puzzle.

Of course, the theme of this puzzle is going to be what children really love. This underwater shipwreck scene has an old pirate-style ship at the bottom of the ocean and a bunch of curious fish swimming around it. This really is a fun scene and it is made even more fun thanks to this puzzle being a massive 92 cm x 62 cm! Children will be so excited about making this that they will wish that they could jump in and swim to that shipwreck to get the pirate treasure onboard! As well as being fun, this Puzzle Master 48-piece Jumbo Floor Puzzle Underwater Shipwreck set is also packed with educational value too!

Key Features:

  • Children will love bringing this underwater shipwreck scene to life
  • Children will be engaging their problem and critical thinking skills
  • Their fine motor skills will also be getting a good workout with this
  • They are going to have a lot of fun bringing this underwater scene to life!
  • Jigsaw puzzles can be a fun bonding experience for a child and parent