Wooden Night Light Puzzle Possum

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If you want an adorable, but very stylish looking puzzle, look no further than this amazing Puzzle Master Wooden Puzzle Night Light Possum set. Build an amazing piece of art then display it with pride in your home!

While Puzzle Master are known all over the world for their fantastic jigsaw puzzles, this Puzzle Master Wooden Puzzle Night Light Possum set is part of a fun and exciting new series that showcases some of the most amazing creatures from all over the world! This adorable little possum will always be looking right at you and thanks to the included LED light, it is really going to pop too! What is so great about this is that it has a rather high end piece of art look about it so it will look amazing no matter what room you decide to display it in.

Best of all, you do not have to be the greatest jigsaw puzzle solver in the world to build this! Made from wooden and acrylic pieces, this puzzle is comprised of only 10 pieces! The instructions break each of the six steps down as basic as possible. This means that there is no hassle when it comes to building this and in no time at all you will have a gorgeous new piece to display.

?Key Features:

  • The LED light that is included really is nice and bright!
  • This is perfect for someone that loves animals and thinks possums are cute!
  • As there are only 10 pieces and 6 steps, construction is very simple
  • This is a lot of fun to build!
  • It could be used as a nightlight for a child's bedroom